Month: April 2013

Transition Time

As we prepare to transition from April to May – from the unpredictability of a month of change to a smoother landscape of dependable spring – let’s reflect on how we connected during these last four weeks. As a school board we honor the month of April as Wellness Month, a time for renewal, rejuvenation and new life. As Christians… Read more →

Space Communication

I would like to thank three schools for a wonderful day today – St. Eugene, St. David and St. Luke – you guys were so awesome to spend time with! When we talk about Wellness Geographies it is important that we remember stillness. Education is an organic, living and breathing being. The students and I talked about Wellness Month -… Read more →

Laugh Longer, Laugh Louder, Have Fun!

Last night we had the uproariously splendid pleasure of spending some time with Kathryn Kimmins of Laugh Yourself Healthy. Kathryn Kimmins is a Certified Laughter Yoga teacher who studied in Roshester, Minnesota with Laura Gentry, a Master teacher trainer trained by Dr. Kataria. Kathryn explained that Laughter Yoga originated when Katari found that “Our bodies don’t know the difference between… Read more →

St. Martin of Tours Wellness Night

I love going to St. Martin of Tours, the principal Mrs. Scheer is so passionate about Wellness and Education that she always makes a meaningful impression. This is the second year that St. Martin has held a Wellness information night for parents at their school. I was present last year and spoke about Wellness Communication and was happy to see… Read more →

Teaching Young Teachers

At Holy Name of Jesus this Saturday we are having a Wellness Day! It’s a time for the school community to come together and share in the six pillars of Wellness – emotional, physical, spiritual, intellectual, social and environmental health. Today I was able to teach a group of young leaders how to teach a yoga class to their parents… Read more →

Blessed Teresa of Kolkata

To share the story of a schools inspiration with them almost a year to the date is incredibly special. Last April I presented Wellness to the students of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta and after the visit I was inspired to take the trip to the Motherhouse in India to show them a direct link to their schools community and spirit.… Read more →

Girl Talk

It’s so wonderful to come home and still be smiling from the afternoon. Today I was given the opportunity to spend some time at St. John the Baptist elementary school to have a “Girl Talk” with the grade seven and eight students. I began by thanking them and expressing how excited I was and how much this time together meant… Read more →