Month: June 2013

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

In the end it’s all about fun! For the past eight weeks the educational assistants from Cathedral high school and I have had the opportunity to explore Wellness Communication through a pilot program entitled “Finding Time.” At the end of the school day the E.A.’s have a twenty-five minute time slot before the end of the day when the students… Read more →

Wellness Geographers

How do we know where our silent space is? This was the final question of the morning with Mrs. Magiers grade five class and was my favorite part of the day. We had spent the morning talking about Wellness and Communication, about the connections between a healthy body, a healthy mind and a healthy approach to our environment. The students… Read more →

From the Organic to the Technical

“I want to know more about Wellness Communication… I want to know what Wellness Communication is… I want to know if yoga is fun… I want to know how yoga helps communication… I want to know if guys can do yoga …” These were just some of the questions asked by the grade eight students in Mr. Camalleri’s class this… Read more →

Times of Transition

Good morning students of St. Marys and thank you for having me as a guest in your school. It is an honor to stand here and have the opportunity to speak with you about my greatest passion – Wellness  Communication. And specifically to talk about how this type of communication can assist you during Times of Transition. As said in… Read more →