Career definition: An occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person's life and with opportunities for progress


Your occupation will change throughout your life.

Perhaps it is being a student, being an mother, being a support person, being an employee or being a leader. Whatever the current occupation you are in, it is an opportunity for your personal development and growth.

As a Registered Corporate Coach with a Masters degree in Communication and advanced training in Mindfulness and Psychological Safety, I can help you to develop skills, boundaries and a mindset that will empower you to feel in control of your life.


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Sometimes in life you just need someone who believes in you and who tells you that you can do it. We often convolute our problems and stresses and further confuse situations by overwhelming ourselves with a list of thing we believe we should do.

I am a great Pep-Talker, I believe in peoples potential and believe that the world is a better place when you are your best self and your ideas are brought to life.

Business Leadership Coaching is a tool that you can use to enhance both your personal and professional life. I work one on one with individuals to reframe patterns of thought and develop short and longterm goals to enhance personal and professional satisfaction.

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Ailments Affecting Leadership

Low self-esteem




Low energy

Imposter syndrome

Over multi-tasking

Social anxiety

Dominating behaviour

Work/Family/Home Balance


Lack of motivation & Procrastination

Technology Burnout

Change management


Control & Collaboration

Consistency of self

Fear of being the same