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Coping with a challenging economy through the art of improv

Karen Johnson Diamond is a Calgary-based acting and improvisation teacher who believes that the art of improv can benefit many people during a challenging economic time. “It’s about being positive about risk-taking. It opens your brain up to see that there are always options, it reminds me of an octopus legs, or a traffic circle,” says Diamond about the practice.… Read more →

Creativity turns exercise on its head

Wayne Loftus is not your average personal trainer. As he sits back in his chair, he’s excited to talk about how creativity, spirituality and loss have contributed to him wanting to help people break out of exercise ideologies that no longer serve them. “People define fitness by lacklustre standards” he says, “but for some people the journey of health can become… Read more →

Embrace Valentine’s Day by thinking outside the heart-shaped box

Do you love Valentine’s Day or do you loathe Valentine’s Day? The heart-shaped holiday is perhaps one of the most contentious of annual celebrations. For many people the day is a Hallmark cash grab, an unnecessary pressure on relationships, a painful reminder of love lost or not yet found, and just a difficult day to get a reservation. For others,… Read more →

Creating a Healthy Home Life

In October, many organizations and people celebrated two important health initiatives: Healthy Workplace Month and Mental Health Awareness Week. During these times, businesses focus activities and communications around health and well-being. There are often fairs where vendors will gather to offer employees consultations on nutrition, discounts on massage, assessments of health risk factors and opportunities to connect with others. These… Read more →