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An auto-ethnography written between October 2012 and January 2013 during my M.A. thesis field-study in India.

The Sun Sets on India

(January 2012) I didn’t know how to be open. I felt always hidden. Always playing the card leftover when the other personalities drew first. I was good at it. I could morph, shape shift, be a chameleon and to an extent, I could handle the pain. But then things started to wear thin and the separation between my mind and… Read more →

Blessed Teresa of Kolkata

To share the story of a schools inspiration with them almost a year to the date is incredibly special. Last April I presented Wellness to the students of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta and after the visit I was inspired to take the trip to the Motherhouse in India to show them a direct link to their schools community and spirit.… Read more →

Media and Vulnerability

How many of you get nervous about social media? I know I do. Thanks to Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube and various other blogs and media avenues, we live both our personal and professional lives in front of an audience. Each day we make choices on how to present ourselves, how to communicate and how to connect. As we do our work… Read more →

Returning Home

I feel a little like Dorothy today. Having returned home from the spiritual landscape in India and adjusting to life back in Canada, some things feel the same, and others a little different from when I left. My perspective has been enriched – that is one of the miracles of travel – but I also feel a little bit of… Read more →

The Taj and Rajasthan

After traveling around India I have come to see a pattern … India expresses herself in peaks in valleys. Throughout this journey every time I have had a moment of frustration or confusion or even an emotional moment, the next thing that happens is magical. And that is exactly what happened at the Taj Ma Hal! When I left Varanasi… Read more →

Ancient Varanasi

Wow – some places leave you speechless, and Varanasi is such a place. This is one of the worlds oldest cities and it shows – the buildings here are crumbling, some of them are over two thousand years old. There are really narrow walkways that are lined with shops and little places to eat. There are monkeys and cows and… Read more →

Give and Take – The Middle Way

I landed in Bodh Gaya … into the cold. [tb_google_map] This was a place I have been fascinated with for a number of years. In the Buddhist religion this is the spot where the Buddha attained enlightenment. Studying the religions of the world has always fascinated me because it teaches me how people of other faiths view the world and… Read more →

Visting the Motherhouse

I arrived in Calcutta – or Kolkata as it is now called – at 8:00p.m. my train was almost three hours late which meant when I arrived it was already dark out. This had been another long train journey, but this time I was in first class, known as AC. First class is like a completely different world. I could… Read more →

Love and Death on the Ganges

You know that feeling when something incredible has happened, and it sweeps you up in itself and you are someplace else for a brief period. And then just as suddenly as it enveloped you, it lets you go. And you stand there, a little off balance, windblown – the cells in your body still energized, still dazzling with the magic… Read more →