Health & Wellness Consulting


As a Registered Corporate Coach with advanced training in Communications, Lifestyle Management, Mindfulness & Health Promotion, I specialize in the development of Psychologically Safe Workplace Practices and work with businesses to achieve improvement in seven areas:

  • Effective management
  • Psychological Safety & Protection
  • Communication & Engagement
  • Organizational Culture
  • Workload Management & Work/life balance
  • Job Environment
  • Awards, Recognition & Team Building  

I can help your organization develop internal people strategies to help your company live, share and be recognized for your vision and mission. Together we will create a compelling story in a variety of creative formats and deliver a program that inspires your workplace and embeds wellness into the professional and personal practices of your team.

Scope of Practice:

Implementation of structured, action-oriented programs for stress management, designed to reduce health risks and promote healthy behaviour. 

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Career definition: An occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person's life and with opportunities for progress


Your occupation will change throughout your life.

Perhaps it is being a student, being an mother, being a support person, being an employee or being a leader. Whatever the current occupation you are in, it is an opportunity for your personal development and growth. 

As a Registered Corporate Coach with a Masters degree in Communication and advanced training in Mindfulness and Psychological Safety, I can help you to develop skills, boundaries and a mindset that will empower you to feel in control of your life. 


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Mindfulness Training

Zen Retreat, South of India


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Hamilton Health Science  

Mindful Communication, Hamilton Health Sciences

Master Thesis Research: Silence and Communication, Royal Roads University 


Mindfulness: the practice of paying attention on purpose to the present moment

I chose to focus my Masters thesis on how silence and meditation can affect communication. Upon finishing this research I began to lead the Communities of Practice at St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton and was a founding member of Mindfulness Hamilton. 

I have done training and consulting for the Hamilton Wentworth Catholic District School Board and Dofasco, teaching people how to incorporate Mindfulness into their daily lives. 

If you are interested in Mindfulness training, I work with individuals and organizations to develop plans, communications and facilitate training. 


Zen Garden, South of India

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