Health & Wellness Consulting


As a Registered Corporate Coach with advanced training in Communications, Lifestyle Management, Mindfulness & Health Promotion, I specialize in the development of Psychologically Safe Workplace Practices and work with businesses to achieve improvement in seven areas:

  • Effective management
  • Psychological Safety & Protection
  • Communication & Engagement
  • Organizational Culture
  • Workload Management & Work/life balance
  • Job Environment
  • Awards, Recognition & Team Building

I can help your organization develop internal people strategies to help your company live, share and be recognized for your vision and mission. Together we will create a compelling story in a variety of creative formats andĀ deliver a program that inspires your workplace and embeds wellness into the professional and personal practices of your team.

Scope of Practice:

Implementation of structured, action-oriented programs for stress management, designed to reduce health risks and promote healthy behaviour.

If you are interested learning more about how I can help your organization please email kate@communikategood.comĀ