Making new friends as an adult can be challenging

There was a commercial that ran not too long ago that perfectly described how traditional life stages have changed for people. It said that in days gone by people used to go to school, get a job, get married, have kids and retire. But now, people travel, maybe get married, maybe get a job, maybe go to school, maybe have kids … you get the point.

What this commercial illustrated so well was that people are on very different life paths at any given time, and that your peers are not your peers simply because you share an age range — your peers are your peers because you share similarities in your current experience.

Take this to heart if the downturn has caused you some added grief or stress in your relationships. Losing a job, a relationship or experiencing a sudden or dramatic change in your finances often carries not only the stress of having to readjust your lifestyle, but also having to readjust your social circle...

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