Mindful Money Management Brings Balance to Couples Life

During a tough economic time mindful money management – paying attention to the details — can help bring a sense of control when stress is high and security is uncertain. For Matthew and Leanne Ryan, a young couple living in downtown Calgary, practising mindful money management gave them the opportunity to bring more peace into their lives after Matthew was… Read more →

St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton Improving investments in wellness delivers engagement returns

St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton started an employee wellness program in 2009 as part of a ‘Nursing Toolkit’ that consisted of on-unit stretch and relaxation breaks. The program evolved over the years until in 2012, the hospital designated space for scheduled yoga classes. In 2013 SJHH hired a communications coordinator for the program and developed a year-long plan including, the development… Read more →

Eco-Schools Celebration Connects Faith, Learning and Nature at The Royal Botanical Gardens

On October 1st students and teachers from the Eco-Teams of the Hamilton Wentworth Catholic District School Board were invited to the Royal Botanical Gardens to celebrate their special achievement – all schools in the Board had received certification from Ontario Eco-Schools. To commemorate all their hard work the Royal Botanical Gardens invited students to gather and gave them the opportunity… Read more →